About us

My name is Albert Abbink,
When I was 14 I made my first guitar: a replica of a flying V from the Kings.
When I was young I used  to go to concerts, my love for music in particular guitar play is up to the present day a great passion of mine.
I wanted to know more about different kind of guitars and with my technical background and knowledge of wood I searched for special guitars.
Because I am a designer myself (interior building company) my attention was drawn to unique  

In 1998 I started a guitarstore “The American Guitarstore”in Enschede with a partner.
He ran the store and I was a silent partner.
We sold vintage guitars and new guitars and everything to complete your guitar world.

Therewith also started the travels for The American Guitarstore, we visited The NAMM where every guitar loving American can be found. The NAMM is close to Los Angeles.
We also visited exchanges in Frankfurt, Danmark, Norway and Belgium.
The American Guitarstore belonged to the top guitar stores in the Benelux.

In 2011 I decided that my partner would leave the American Guitarstore as a partner but stay as an employee. Because of the crisis and the bad sales volume I was forced to stop my shop in Enschede.
I emptied the shop, put it up for sale and left Enschede. I took the whole inventory with me to Apeldoorn where I started The American Guitarstore in a smaller setting.

I started over with “a little help from my friends”.

Smaller but certainly not less, good service is still our priority.
The new employees have all the knowledge about advice, repairs and playing.
When, for what reason you are not content, you can always come back and we will solve your problem.
We will do everything  to let you leave as a complete content customer.

Quality goes above quantity in our store.

A purchase by the internet can seem cheap but don’t  be mistaken, not trying your guitar live can be an expensive purchase.

Come by for advice, try at ease and play.
Come again if you please before purchasing but do it consciously.
These are the purchases that last longer! 

If music/guitar play is your passion, come in and colour your life, we have all the colours of the rainbow. See you soon in The American Guitarstore!