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For those wishing to experience the tone of an all tube Vox amplifier such as the AC-30 or AC-15 but don't want the expense, weight or size, the AC4C1PL may be just the ticket.

The AC4C1PL features the legendary "top boost" preamp circuit. It has two 12AX7 tubes and one EL84 tube. The amp features printed circuit board construction.

The compact enclosure is covered in a purple vinyl and features "Tygon" grill cloth. Celestion provided a special 10" speaker for Vox to use in the AC4C1PL.

Three vintage cosmetic touches included in the AC4C1PL are worth noting. The edges of the cabinet that extend from the front to the rear of the enclosure feature a larger radius than the edges around the front and rear of the cabinet, as done by JMI Vox on their cabinets from the 1960s. The inner corners of the AC4C1PL include a rounded radius, again as seen on Vox amps made in the 1960s. Finally, a hinged bakelite handle, similar to those installed on the original 1961 AC-4 amp, is included on the AC4C1-PL.

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