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ToadWorks Roundabout is a True-Bypass mechanical switching device designed for both effect and amp switching. Use it as a True-Bypass box, as an effect loop switcher, or as an amp switcher without the annoying POP or CLICKING noise!

ToadWorks Roundabout has been designed to offer the maximum versatility from a signal looper, without altering your tone - that's right, there is NO active circuitry in Roundabout, and therefore nothing to suck your tone. Roundabout has been tested with dozens of new & vintage effects and amplifiers. Send your signal wherever you like with confidence.
The concept is simple - Roundabout re-routes your instrument signal through one of two signal loops. You can use it as a True-Bypass box by putting one or more FET-switched effects in the loops, and turn the effect(s) off via Roundabout's On/Off switch. You can also use Roundabout to switch between two different sets of series effects - turn on 10 different effects with one stomp!