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 Enthusiastically tested and reviewed by most of the European magazines, preferred by some of the most talented guitar players worldwide, the 2/50-2 is a two channel 45W (30W in triode mode) combo equipped with two Celestion Vintage 30 speakers.

It shares the same electronic of the 2/50 head and of the 2/50 combo and you can resume the huge success this model had among the pro player in 4 points:
1) it always respects the nature and tone of the guitar you're playing through it,
2) it's an incredibly dynamic and touch responsive amp,
3) the true functionality of the tone controls which really allow you to dial any kind of tone
4) the fact it delivers two convincing tones, a wonderful clean and an astonishing lead on the same amp like no other amp in the market.

Capable of delivering some powerful, pumped-up and defined overdrive tones along with some of the most convincing "Fullerton" style cleans like no other amps on the market, this is the clean tone preferred by legendary guitar player Carl Verheyen who choose the 2/50-2 combo for his small venue gigs.

The front panel displays the two channels volume and separate control bars including the gain for the Lead channel and the amp . The 2/50-2 combo can also be run in pentode and triode mode through a dedicated switch on the rear panel, the triode mode delivering an harmonically richer tone and 30W reduced power, ideal for for smaller venues.

Brother and sister of the 2/50-2 combo are the 250 head (same amp no speaker) and the 250 combo (same amp, one speaker only).

Other features include:
- parallel/series effect loop with mixer
- two speaker output
- impedance selector (4/8/16 ohms)
- presence and Depth controls on rear panel to alter your sound to fit any venue.

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