Fostex MR-8 Multi-Track Recorder W/PSU

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This used Fostex MR-8 Multitrack Recorder comes with the Power Adapter, a 1GB CF Card, and a Manual.

This recorder is in good condition with normal wear, has been fully tested, and works great. Please see pictures for details on item condition.

Product Details:
The Fostex MR-8 is the first solid-state memory recorder in the industry that offers 8-tracks of recording on the very popular CompactFlash card media. The MR-8 comes with a very competitive price point, especially compared to the current digital 4-track memory recorders already on the market.

Fostex's design goal for the MR-8 was to create a digital multitrack recorder with unprecedented ease of operation for musicians who want digital recording and superb sound quality, but also offers the simplicity of their favorite old analog machine. Nearly all the functions of the MR-8 are on the physical knobs and buttons of the top panel. User frustration caused by having to flip through pages and pages of LCD menus, is not an issue with the MR-8.

While the MR-8 may be simple to operate, all the features and functions expected from digital recorders in today's market are present: on-board digital effects, guitar amp/microphone simulators, digital bouncing, auto punch in/punch out, etc. Communication with a PC is provided via the MR-8's standard built-in USB port making it easy for data editing, CD-burning, and file backup.

Fostex has broken the digital recorder price barrier with their new MR8. It's the world first 8-track that records into solid-state, Compact Flash Card memory and there's more! It's got a USB port for WAV file data transfer to a Windows PC for data editing, CD burning, and backup. And operating the MR8 is more intuitive than many other digital recorders it's ideal for users who have no experience in digital multi-track recording.

  • 8 tracks recording & playback
  • No menus to navigate; Knob/Button for each function
  • Full Timecode Capability Inc. 30df and Jam Sync.
  • On-Board Effects including:
    • Reverbs
    • Delays
    • Guitar FX
    • Amp Simulator
    • Mic Simulator
    • Mastering
  • USB Port
  • .WAV import/export
  • Archiving
  • 2 XLR Mic Inputs
  • 2 Guitar Inputs
  • S/PDIF Digital Output
  • Built-In Microphone