Hook Silverstar Head + Cab

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 Hook Silverstar Head plus Cab

The Silverstar is a guitar amp build to get that classic guitar tone .

Its al about getting the sound produced by your fingers directly amplified and given back to you, in 3 dimensions. If you've ever heard Larry Carlton or Robben Ford live, that's the something you might find in this amp, this is not your next door " plug in and play" amp, but a articulate and defined piece of a tone machine. Available as a 100Watt or a 50 watt version .

The Silverstar is based on a cascade amp design, The amp has a big sounding clean channel with an eq section ,eq cut function, brite and deep switches, as well as a mid boost switch, which changes the way the tone controls operate. This mid boost gives you that punchy thickness that fattens your tone. Bright switch for that extra bite and bell tone. Low for more bottom , low end.

The clean can be played loud and still stays clean , or can be set up with more gain to your taste. When the lead channel is active, an extra post eq gain stage is engaged.

The tone cut controls can be active during clean and overdrive use, including all switches

(bright, low, mid ).
The tone cut control passes the tone control circuit resulting in a more direct signal with adds gain and mids to your tone,

The character tone control is a power amp tone shaping function.
And it works in a subtile way

The 2 spring long reverb tank gives that shimmering reverb that enhances your tone into deep lush reverb.
The reverb drive knob on the back lets you set the drive level of your reverb.
High drive = long reverb
Lo drive = short reverb

On the Footswitch we have channel switching and tone cut

- tube 1 clean/ lead
- tube 2 lead
- tube 3 reverb drive ( ecc81/12at7)
- tube 4 reverb return
- tube 5 PI
- tube 6 -9 Tung sol 6L6 GC



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